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4.13 Sat UBURAVE with Kuniyuki Takehashi

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2024.4.13.Sat UBURAVE Open 22:00 Adv.2000yen  /  Door 3000yen at 音楽食堂ONDO ▪︎Live Kuniyuki Takahashi (Mule Musiq) Chikra Udon ▪︎DJ yuki Yumi Takaya Mizuki Satoshi  ▪︎FOOD CARLOS Kuniyuki Takahashi 札幌在住。90年代よりCM音楽制作等に携わり、ブリヂストンタイヤ adrenaline、Nike、corona beer、the north faceその他数々のCM楽曲等を制作。トラック制作に止まらず、ミックスやマスタリングも行い、マスタリングを手がけたタイトルは300作を超える。
 Joe Claussell主宰レーベル Natural Resource からの「Precious Hall」リリースをスタートに、4HeroのDegoの2000Blackのコンピ参加やAnanda Projectの名曲「Cascades of Colour」のリミックス・リリース等を行う。Mule Musiq よりシングル「Earth Beats」をリリースし、各DJから圧倒的な支持を得る。2006年発表のファーストアルバム「We Are Together」から現在まで数々のアルバムをリリースし、2012年のアルバム「Feather World」にはジャズシーンで素晴らしい世界観を持つピアニストの板橋文夫や盟友Henrik Schwarzも参加し、新境地を拓く。また、近年リリースしたDJ NatureやVakula等との共作やオリジナル作品は、DJ Harvey、Gilles Petersonによってパーティーやラジオでヘビープレイされている。ライブ活動もヨーロッパ、南アフリカ、ブラジル、メキシコ、カナダ等、大小様々なパーティーやフェスティバルを含め、国内外において精力的に行い、即興性とダンスミュージックを融合した独自のスタイルで人気を博す。国内アーティストではサカナクション、mouse on the keys、朝崎郁恵等のremixも手掛けている。
Kuniyuki Takahashi is based in Sapporo, Japan. His unique musical sense can be described as borderless, and he has been highly praised by producers and DJs from all over the world. He released “Precious Hall,” a tribute song for the clubs in his hometown of Sapporo, through Natural Resource (organized by Joe Claussell), took part in the compilation of 4Hero Dego’s 2000Black, remixed “Cascades of Colour” by Ananda Project, and also released the single “Earth Beats” from Mule Musiq, gaining the passionate support of numerous DJs. From his first album “We are Together” in 2006, he has released seven titles, and with his latest album, “Feather World” in 2012, his music entered a new phase, featuring the one-of-a-kind jazz pianist Fumio Ishibashi and fellow artist Henrik Schwarz. In recent years, he has actively collaborated with international artists such as DJ Nature and Mr Raoul K, also remixing domestic artists such as the Amami Shimauta folksong singer Asazaki Ikue as well as MAREWREW, who sing traditional Ainu songs, and Mouse On The Keys. Since 2013, he has taken part in DJ EMMA's Acid City compilation project, and his track “Acid Air,” which was included on their recent release “Acid City 2,” has been played by DJ Harvey. In recent years, he has performed not only in Japan but abroad, as well,  in Europe, South Africa and elsewhere, where his particular live style has featured a powerful combination of improvisation and dance music.